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Practical philosophy

The Ethics and Political Philosophy group is an international, dynamic research group dedicated to cutting-edge and impactful research. The group is chaired by Gerben Meynen and based at VU Amsterdam.

Our group is specialized in the following fields: moral responsibility (Boll, Robichaud, Supèr, Van Hees, Wieland), bioethics (Bernstein, De Groot, Meynen), neuroethics (Meynen, Robichaud, Tesink), Kantian ethics (Van Hees, Wieland), metaethics (Bastian) and political philosophy (Bernstein, Van Hees).

The group members work on the following projects: cooperation in e.g. climate change and pandemics (Bernstein, Boll, Robichaud, Supèr, Van Hees, Wieland), commercial DNA databases (De Groot), neurotechniques (Meynen, Tesink), the epistemic condition (Robichaud, Wieland), nudging and freedom (Robichaud, Van Hees), hard choices (Jitendranath), normativity and rationality (Bastian).

Furthermore, the group teaches moral and political philosophy courses in a wide variety of philosophy and non-philosophy programs, and coordinates the Bachelor “Philosophy, Politics and Economics” and the Master “Philosophy, Bioethics and Health”.