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Policy & Guidelines

On this page you can find relevant policy regarding research data management and different guidelines that help you manage your research data.

Find your way to VU wide and faculty specific policies, and to data management guidelines that are created to help you in the different stages of your research. 

RDM policy & guidelines

  • Policies, code of conduct and laws

    On the RDM policies page you can find an overview of policies relevant for research data management. This concerns policies regarding personal data, VU wide and faculty specific RDM policies, and other related policies and guidelines. 

  • Data management planning (DMP)

    A DMP serves as a guide for all types of research and data collection, and assists the researcher in planning and organising their data collection.
    Writing a DMP helps with drawing attention to certain regulations, laws, licenses, ethical guidelines, and more.
    On this page you can find more information on how to create a DMP.

  • Documenting & managing data

    When you are doing research, good data management practices and transparency are essential.
    On the data documentation LibGuide you can find practical information on data documentation, metadata, and making your data FAIR.
    Go to the tools page of this portal to find (IT) solutions for documenting and managing your data.

  • Publishing and sharing data

    Instead of archiving research data in a data repository, you may choose to publish an article about your data collection and make your data available to the general public, making it more FAIR. 

    On the data publication LibGuide you can find more information about:

    • Open access publishing 
    • Persistent identifier / DOI
    • Journals that accept data and datasets
    • Licensing data
  • Storing and preserving data

    There are various reasons to archive your data: replication, longitudinal research, data being unique or expensive to collect, re-usability or the acceleration of research inside or outside your own discipline. 

    • On the document & preserve LibGuide you can find information about building a dataset, metadata for archiving and proper data documentation.
    • On the publish & share LibGuide you can find information on selecting the right archive, registration of datasets and data licensing.
  • Protecting data

    It is important to keep your data safe from loss, leakage and corruption. You can find out how to do this on the data protection LibGuide

  • Handling personal data

    After publication, researchers have to publish the data their research is based on.
    When this includes personal data, precautions should be taken before doing so.
    On this page you can find an overview of personal data policy, legal obligations and restrictions researchers at the VU have to take into consideration regarding the disclosure of personal data. 

  • Data collection guidelines and protocols

    For data to be considered valid and reliable, data collection should occur consistently and systematically throughout the course of the research project. Data collection guidelines and established methodologies should be used to gather data.
    The data collection LibGuide provides information on tools and protocols to help researchers collect data according to conventional methodological steps.

  • Innovation exchange - Grants office

    The IXA-GO department (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam - Grants Office) is supporting researchers in the field of valorisation and research grants.