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Offering an internship or vacancy

Do you want to offer an internship or vacancy for bachelor- or master students of the Faculty of Social Sciences? This can be done by signing up for our online Social Sciences Career Platform for free. Besides internships and vacancies, your organization can take part in networking events and workshops to find the perfect match with our students.

A VU social scientist adds something

Social scientists. They can be found everywhere on the job market, and they are needed! A lot of companies – private as well as non-profit – use sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, public administration scientists or communication scientists to increase the effectiveness of their services. 

Does your company want to offer a new product or an innovative service? Then a communication scientist can dig into the development of a corporate marketing strategy. Our graduated sociology students are trained in combining quantitative research methods like surveys or big data analyses with broadening methods like interviews. This makes them skilled consultants and trainers. Anthropologists can help analyze behavioural and movement patterns. This is necessary to create a safe passenger flow in public spaces, or to effectively guide customers through a large department store. Our public administration and organizational sciences students know how to combine public administration- and organizational processes: how can the organization be set up so that an administrative decision has the desired effect and does not pass its goal? And no, our political scientists are not just valued employees in municipal councils or campaign teams of political parties. They prove to be valued project employees, help companies and institutions to enhance their data strategy, or they have proven their services in system surveillance. 

Everywhere where people live together, collaborate, and communicate, a VU social scientist has something to add. 

Offering an internship or vacancy

To post (internship) vacancies, voluntary work, part-time jobs and starter positions, create a company profile once to be able to fill vacancies. 

Click here to create a profile. 


Mail your questions to and we will help you.