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Key publications Environmental Policy Analysis

List of (recent) key publications
  • Chan,S., Boran, I., van Asselt, H., Ellinger, P., Garcia, M., Hale, T., Hermwille, L., Liti Mbeva, K., Mert, A., Roger, C.B., Weinfurter, A., Widerberg, O., Bynoe, P., Chengo, V., Cherkaoui, A., Edwards, T., Gütschow, M., Hsu, A., Hultman, N., Levaï, D., Mihnar, S., Posa, S., Roelfsema, M., Rudyk, B., Scobie, M. & Shrivastava, M.K. (2020).
  • Davis, K.F., Koo, H.I., Dell’Angelo, J., D’Odorico, P., Estes, L., Kehoe, L.J., Kharratzadeh, M., Kuemmerle, T., Machava, D., Pais, A. D.J.R., Ribeiro, N., Rulli, M.C. & Tatlhego, M. (2020). Tropical forest loss enhanced by large-scale land acquisitions. Nature Geoscience, 13(7), 482–494.
  • Hickmann, T., Widerberg, O. E., Lederer, M., & Pattberg, P. H. (2021). The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat as an orchestrator in global climate policymaking. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 87(1), 1–8.
  • Koehler, J., Thomson, P., Goodall, S., Katuva, J. & Hope, R. (2021). Institutional pluralism and water user behavior in rural Africa. World Development, 140.
  • Morrison, T.H., Adger, W.N., Brown, K., Lemos, M.C., Huitema, D., Phelps, J., Evans, L., Cohen, P., Song, A.M., Turner, R., Quinn, T. & Hughes, T.P. (2019). The black box of power in polycentric environmental governance. Global Environmental Change, 57, 1–8. [101934].
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  • Pattberg, P.H., Widerberg, O.E. & Kok, M. (2019). Towards a Global Biodiversity Action Agenda. Global Policy, 10(3), 1.
  • Rosa, L., Chiarelli, D.D., Rulli, M.C., Dell’Angelo, J. & D’Odorico, P. (2020). Global agricultural economic water scarcity. Science advances, 6(18), 1–11. [eaaz6031].
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  • Röser, F., Widerberg, O., Höhne, N. & Day, T. (2020). Ambition in the making: analysing the preparation and implementation process of the Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement. Climate Policy, 20(4), 415–429.
  • Sanderink, L., Pattberg, P. H., & Widerberg, O. E. (2020). Mapping the Institutional Complex of the Climate-Energy Nexus. In Zelli, F. (Ed.), Governing the Climate-Energy Nexus: Institutional Complexity and Its Challenges to Effectiveness and Legitimacy (1 ed., pp. 43–98). Cambridge University Press.
  • van der Grijp, N.M., van der Woerd, K.F., Gaiddon, B., Hummelshøj, R.M., Larsson, M., Osunmuyiwa, O. & Rooth, R. (2019). Demonstration projects of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: Lessons from end-user experiences in Amsterdam, Helsingborg, and Lyon. Energy Research & Social Science, 49, 10–15.

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