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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The aim of the Migration & Diversity Centre is interdisciplinary collaboration.

Three interdisciplinary research projects are currently underway:

  • Inclusive thinking
    A collaborative research project led by James Kennedy (University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Arts) is a 4-year research project involving 10 researchers combining approaches from history, social sciences and law. At VU University Amsterdam, the researchers involved are Ulrike Vieten, Sylvia van der Raad, Guno Jones, Halleh Ghorashi, Juan Amaya-Castro and Thomas Spijkerboer.
  • The Human Costs of Border Control
    Led by Thomas Spijkerboer (VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Law), The Human Costs of Border Control is an international research project about the increasing death toll of European border control policies. The project combines perspectives from political sciences, law and anthropology.
  • Migration Law as a Family Matter
    In 2011 Sarah van Walsum was awarded funding from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research for her project Migration Law as a Family Matter. The project examines different facets of migration law - labour migration, family migration, asylum, and migration and development - through the lens of family relations. The five researchers working on the project come from different backgrounds: law, anthropology and sociology.