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Want to make impact with your research?

IXA-VU (Innovation Exchange Amsterdam) is a department within VU Amsterdam and specialized in valorisation.

IXA office VU & VUmc
Does your research or knowledge have potential economic or societal value? Do you want to enter into a partnership with a company? Then you can turn to IXA-VU for useful advice. IXA is specialized in valorisation: making knowledge suitable or available for use in society and transforming it into competitive products or services.

IXA’s services
IXA-VU has a broad valorisation expertise and knowledge of the market, the team can provide strong support to your valorisation  initiatives. Together we look for the best way to exploit your knowledge or invention, which could be, for example, a collaboration, sale, licence or a spin-off venture.  IXA has a supporting and facilitating role in valorising knowledge, representing the interests of both scientists and VU .

What IXA can offer:

  • IXA can help you with negotiations with private parties or consortia, in particular with commercial terms and conditions, intellectual property and legal aspects.
  • We will help you find a suitable party who is interested in acquiring or licensing your idea in order to develop a new product or service.
  • IXA can provide assistance in setting up a company.
  • IXA supports in legal protection of your idea or invention by helping you applying for a patent or by claiming copyrights on your behalf. You can also approach us for legal assistance with research contracts, licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, etc.
  • IXA has two sources of funding of its own. We can offer funding in the form of a proof-of-concept grant to cover the costs of technical feasibility studies. We also offer pre-seed loans, giving current and future entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up a business.

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