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Faculty Office FSW

The support departments together form the Faculty Office.

The Faculty Office provides support to the Faculty Board, the faculty departments and the various faculty committees. The Faculty Office is managed by the Director of Operations.

The Faculty Office comprises the following departments:

  • Education Office

    The Education Office provides support to the faculty’s teaching programmes. This support concerns teaching and examination administration, student services, study advice, teaching logistics, official secretariat Examination Board, Admission Boards and Binding Study Advice Board, teaching quality assurance and ICT & teaching development and support.

    The Education Office consists of the head of the department and the following teams:
    •    Teaching Logistics and Teaching Administration
    •    Official Secretariat
    •    Teaching Policy and ICT & Teaching Support
    •    Assistants Student Affairs
    •    Study Advisors 

  • Research Support Office

    The Research Support Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is the primary point of contact for support on research related issues for its academic staff. The ambition of the research support office is to help its researchers effectively realize their research goals by creating a research environment in which high-quality research can thrive and its societal impact is maximized. Scientific integrity and the education of PhD candidates are an integral part of this environment.


    • Providing advice and support in finding and acquiring research grants and other external funding opportunities; 
    • Providing advice and support on enhancing the (social) impact and dissemination of FSS research;
    • Supporting the work of the faculty’s research institute ISR: Institute for Societal Resilience;
    • Supporting the Faculty board member in charge of the research portfolio in establishing and implementing research and valorisation policy;
    • Acting as secretary of multiple faculty broad research-related committees.

    The Research Support Office consists of a small team that operates as linking pin towards other VU university-wide departments (Finance & Control, HRM, Communications & Marketing, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), Grant Desk, IT), in order to ensure its academic staff the required level of research support.

    Drs. Isjah (I.) Koppejan, Head of Research Support Office
    Drs. Rob (R.A.) Kloppenburg, Policy Officer Research
    Rian (R.) van Rossum, Research Grants Advisor
    Marleen (M.) Golsteijn, Research Grants Advisor 
    Koen (K.) Leuveld, Data Steward and Privacy Officer 

    In case you have any questions regarding our research support office and/or your require any support for your research activities, please contact us directly via email

  • Communication

    The Communication & Marketing (C&M) department consists of a team of communications professionals who can be deployed broadly. 

    Internal and external communication 



  • Finance & Control

    The Finance & Control Department is responsible for managing the faculty’s financial resources.

    The Financial Service Center takes care of the financial administration (including creditors and the debtors). 

    Digital invoices (pdf) can be sent to:

    For all questions and requests about finances, contact:

    Managing finances (budgeting and reporting) of externally funded (grant)projects are executed by project control:

    Managing finances (budgeting and reporting) of regular operations and internal projects are executed by business control:

  • HRM

    The personnel consultants Judith ten Brink and Janoe op ten Berg are available to answer any questions on personnel matters (such as status, salary, career opportunities and career advice) and also to discuss any matters of a confidential nature.

    More information: 
    Judith ten Brink
    +31 20 870 14
    Hoofdgebouw 1A-79
    De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam

    Janoe op ten Berg
    Hoofdgebouw 1A-81
    De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam