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The most important administrative body in the faculty is the Faculty Board. This board is responsible for the organisation and coordination of teaching and research in the faculty.

The dean is the head of the faculty and chair of the Faculty Board. The Faculty Board is responsible for:

  • The programmes associated with the faculty
  • Research conducted by the researchers appointed by the faculty 
  • The operations of the faculty 

The Faculty Board also appoints the members of the various committees, such as the Examination Board and the Programme Committees. The various duties and responsibilities are documented in the faculty regulations.

The Faculty Board of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences also comprises a Director of Operations, a portfolio holder for teaching, a portfolio holder for research and a student observer. The Faculty Board is supported by the Faculty Secretariat.

Faculty Board members

The Faculty Board can be contacted via the Faculty Secretariat:

Prof. dr. M.W. (Maurits) van Tulder
Ms Ingrid van der Poel
Tel: 020-598 8888
Available: Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri 07:30-16:00

Martin van Aken
Ms Chantal Beckers
Tel: 020-598 3905
Available: Mon-Tue-Wed 09:00-16:30