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Contract education

Information about contract education Faculty of Science

Partake in classes without preliminary education?
The Faculty of Science offers the possibility for people to follow courses without enrolling as student.

Admittance may take place after an interview with the master coordinator/study advisor/course coordinator of the relevant programme. At the interview original or proofed copies of (a) grade list(s) and degree(s) as well as a resume need to be handed in. Based on these papers the master coordinator/study advisor/course coordinator will give a recommendation for admittance to the Exam Board.

We advise you to complete your registration at least 6 weeks before the start of the course in order to be assured of timely access to the digital learning environment.

*The faculty maintains the right to declare applicants for contract education inadmissible based on a failure to pay for previously requested contract education which was either not completed or cancelled after the deadline.

**For courses with a maximum number of allowable participants, regular students will receive preferential treatment. The same applies to courses with a practical component with a maximum number of allowable participants. 

The costs of contract education are € 185 per study point. You will receive an invoice which will have to be paid within 30 days. Should no payment have been received after 30 days you will be unenrolled. However, you will still be held to the obligation of payment.

It is not possible to pay in terms. An invoice will be sent automatically for all the courses you have been admitted to. If you follow courses in different periods and want to spread payment, you can choose to fill in a separate application for each period.

Included in the costs are: participation in classes, support by the lecturer, use of the computer facilities, partaking in the (mid-term) exams and resit(s) resulting in one final result and receipt of a certificate.

The contract applies to the academic year in which the course is offered. Should the contractor wish to resit the course in a new year a new contract will have to be created with related costs.

Cancellation is possible until at the latest 10 working days before the course starts. After this restitution of the course costs is no longer possible. In case of timely cancellation administration costs of € 50 will be charged.

* A 30 ECTS minor totals € 5500 through contract education.

Course catalogue and schedule
Information on all courses offered by the Faculty of Science as well as individual courses’ prerequisites for admittance can be found in the university study guide.

On the VU schedule site you can consult an overview of specific class and exam dates, times and locations. In the schedule you can search by course name.

For more information and application form

Education Office Faculty of Science

Mrs. K.M. (Karen) Ubink