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Call for Proposals: CLUE+/Connected World Top Talent Team

CONNECTED WORLD is one of four profile themes at the heart of Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. Wishing to promote innovative research on this theme, the VU interfaculty research institute CLUE+ sustains Top Talent Teams.

These teams integrate bachelor and/or master students from various programmes. They will independently work on an assignment that is formulated by CLUE+ members and deliver a concrete and tangible end result. The teams will write a master plan, set up a website, brainstorm with people from various disciplines, maintain relationships with stakeholders and translate ideas and expertise into prototypes, designs or plans. Each team is supported by a supervision group of at least two researchers, of which at least the applicant must be CLUE+ member. With the present call, we cordially invite CLUE+ staff to propose such a Top Talent team for the fall of 2022. The proposed research must explicitly relate to the Connected World theme.

Connected World

Today’s world is a Connected World, with 24/7 online communication, millions of citizens closely packed in metropolitan cities, and people, goods and ideas travelling around the globe as never before. VU wishes to actively stimulate research on those connections and in particular to contribute to the solution of disconnection: better connecting social groups in metropolitan melting pots, better connecting citizens to the environment they inhabit and better connecting global citizens to improve mutual understanding.

Application guidelines and information

The programme is meant to bring together scientists and students from different disciplines; therefore the teams must combine methods and themes from at least two disciplines. To earn ECTS credits for their works, students are invited to make separate arrangements with their faculties. A budget of €12.500 is available for facilitating the research (e.g. material costs, travel expenses). Only CLUE+ staff can apply for the Connected World Top Talent programme.

Deadline for application

The deadline for applications to the Connected World TT-Programme is July 1, 2022 before 23:59. The winning proposals receive communication in the second week of July.

All required documents have to be send in one pdf and have to be send to

Practical Information

  • Who can apply?

    Only CLUE+ staff can apply for the Connected World Top Talent Teams.

  • Funding amount

    The funding of one Top Talent Team for the fall of 2022 covers a budget of max. €12.500.

  • How to apply?

    A complete application must include:

    • The application letter, signed by a CLUE+ staff member (max. 3 pages A4; including a 200-word abstract). The letter must specify co-applicants (not necessarily CLUE+ members), the theme of the assignment, objectives, methods, partners, societal relevance and number and discipline of students (the selection of the students can be done when the grant has been awarded)
    • Detailed budget estimate.
  • Selection criteria

    Proposals are selected on the basis of the quality of the proposed research project, its interdisciplinarity, the level of student engagement and autonomy and the relation to the Connected World theme.

  • Further remarks:

    1. To earn ECTS credits for their works, students are invited to make separate arrangements with their faculties.
    2. The students should be registered in a VU bachelor or (research) master
    3. Each student member should bring in the expertise of one of the disciplines involved in the project.
    4. Tips for recruitment:
    • Posting information for your TT position on Canvas pages of the courses you

    teach/assist in;

    • Using the mailing list of your faculty to send out a call for students;
    • Refer students to the Connected World, Network Institute and CLUE+ websites to advertise the position;
    • Ask a peer for students;
    • Ask the Graduate School of your faculty to share your TT position via their student network.