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As of the start of the academic year, most of our teaching activities will take place again on campus after a long time. We are very happy about that!

We have experienced how digital innovations help us to better organise our education. We are further developing activating teaching methods with the use of blended learning. Part of the education will therefore also be provided online next year, supported by digital tools. We will be able to offer high-quality and future-proof education to our current and future students.

Adhere to the national and campus rules on corona 

Stick to the basic rules, even when you are at VU Amsterdam. If you have any symptoms, don't come to the campus and get tested. Stay at home if you are waiting for the result of a corona test (of yourself or a housemate) or if you are in isolation after a positive test. If you were abroad or in contact with someone who has corona, use the national government's quarantine check to determine whether you need to go into quarantine. 

Decision tree for students

With this decision tree you can quickly check if we can meet on campus. For more information, also see the flyer with basic and campus rules. You can also follow the latest news at There, you will find out what the measures mean for VU Amsterdam.


  • Are you required to come to campus for physical education?

    In the new academic year, every student is welcome on campus again. We therefore expect you to be present on the campus for planned educational activities. As of 30 August, the normal rules for students apply.  That is: if the Education and Examination Regulations (OER)/study manual stipulate that a student must be present, then you are expected to be present. If no obligation to attend is laid down in the OER, you are not required to attend, but we do expect you to. It is good to know that much of the education provided entirely on campus is not also provided online. 

    If there are personal or medical reasons why you cannot come to the campus and this has consequences for your education, please discuss this with your study advisor. 

  • Online and hybrid education

    Although campus is central to our education, part of the teaching takes place online, supported by digital tools. Last year, we experienced how digital innovations help us to further develop our education. In this way, we continue to grow in activating education with the use of blended learning.

    Online education 

    In Canvas, under 'courses' you will find the information you need to participate in online education, including the link to participate in the lectures.  On the VU Canvas Student Guide you will find more information about how to log in to Zoom.

    Hybrid education 

    In period 1 (6 Sept - 22 Oct) hybrid education will continue. The maximum capacity of 75 will expire as of 25 September. You will be notified via Canvas if there are additional opportunities to take part in a hybrid education activity. During this period, hybrid education remains optional. You can still choose to participate online or on campus.

  • Can I follow online education on campus?

    Yes, you can. Study places are available on campus for self-study and online education.

  • If you cannot attend classes and tests on campus due to Corona-related circumstances (e.g.: tested positive, in quarantine or at risk), is an alternative offered?

    As of 30 August, the usual arrangements, which are laid down in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER), apply. In most cases it is possible to take a substitute assignment or a resit. If you are unable to attend classes on campus for a longer period of time, please contact your study advisor to see if an alternative study schedule can be arranged. 

    We realise that there is not always a (full) alternative available to involve students - with symptoms at home / personal circumstances - remotely in the education taking place on campus.

  • Are the tests on campus or online?

    The exams during exam week (25-29 October) will again be held on location (campus, RAI, Emergo). Until then, most tests will be online. The adjusted timetables will be published on

  • Study and examination places


    The study places are available for individual study. Studying in groups can be done online using various options. In this overview you can see how many study places are still available on which floor in our main building. If you are studying on campus, please observe the basic rules and stay at home in case of symptoms.  

    It may happen that you have an online course prior to or after a physical lecture. Not every student is able to follow the online course at home due to travel time. For those students, there are additional study place environments to follow the online lecture. On the sixth floor of the WN building, extra study place facilities are available for this purpose. These places are not meant for regular study activities.


    Most exams up to 22 October will take place online at a distance. See your schedule for more information. 

    If you have an online exam and you would rather take it on campus, you can make use of an exam room. You can make reservations up to three days before the exam using this form

    It is still necessary to sign up for your exams. The normal term for signing up for exams applies, at least two weeks before the date of the exam. So, make sure you sign up in time. 

  • How does VU Amsterdam handle my privacy if I have to take exams with online supervision?

    If the Examination Committee assesses that remote testing with online supervision (online proctoring) is necessary, then VU Amsterdam has a legitimate interest in processing the personal data of students. In that case you do not have to give permission, you will of course be informed about this.  VU Amsterdam has a legal obligation to ensure that your personal data are processed in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    We think privacy is important and have therefore taken all possible steps to protect everyone's privacy. Our privacy lawyers have advised on the procedures and functionalities and continue to do so, so that all data storage and the procedures comply with the GDPR. In addition, IT has reviewed the software used and made clear agreements with the suppliers, to ensure that it meets VU's strict security requirements.

    You can find everything about taking exams with online proctoring on this page. This site contains detailed instructions on procedures to follow, how to take a trial exam, equipment to use, what to do if there are problems, and privacy.

  • I can no longer pay my living expenses and tuition fees due to the corona crisis, what should I do?

    We understand that these uncertain times may affect your financial situation. If you have financial problems resulting from the corona crisis because you no longer have a job, for example, we advise you to consult the information on VUweb/student.

    Did you obtain your diploma later than planned because of the corona measures? And did you have to pay tuition fees for a longer period as a result? Then you may be entitled to a financial compensation from the government. You can find more information on VUweb/student.

  • Do I qualify for the halving of tuition fees announced by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science?

    The Cabinet has decided to halve the statutory tuition fee in academic year 2021-2022 due to the consequences of COVID-19. The halving applies to all those who pay the regular statutory tuition fee in 2021-2022 and to those who pay a premaster fee.

    For students who pay institutional tuition fees or increased statutory tuition fees, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has asked all higher education institutions to apply a discount of €1084. VU Amsterdam has also done this. On this page you can find all fees for 2021-2022 (and for the current academic year).

  • I planned an internship (abroad), are there still restrictions due to the coronavirus?

    The rules that apply to the sector/branch/employer are leading in this. If these activities continue, the internship can also continue.

    Foreign internships can only take place in areas that have a positive (green or yellow) travel advice. In the context of corona, however, there are still many uncertainties that may lead to rapid changes in travel advice resulting in premature return. Students (internships, research, apprenticeships, fieldwork etc.) and researchers who still wish to travel abroad in the event of code orange must consult their study supervisor or manager. Possible costs for cancellation or early return due to a new outbreak will not be reimbursed from central funds.

  • What are the guidelines for travelling?

    VU Amsterdam follows the guidelines of the government. The general advice on travelling currently reads: "Only travel to countries with a green or yellow travel advisory. Whichever country you travel to, you may be faced with corona measures such as possible entry requirements, quarantine or testing. The situation in a country can also change rapidly. Therefore, always keep an eye on the travel advice.” Check here for the most up-to-date travel information from the national government.

    VU Amsterdam expects its staff and students to follow the government guidelines. If you nevertheless travel abroad, you are taking a conscious risk. Especially if that country has code orange or red. If you have to undergo quarantine after returning from this trip, we expect you to stay at home. Do not come to campus.

    Staff and students should follow the government guidelines when returning. Check this page to see if and what measures apply in case of return, for example a negative Covid test.

  • I will soon be travelling abroad for VU Amsterdam. Are there any restrictions due to the coronavirus? Do I have to cancel my trip?

    In the context of corona, there are many uncertainties that may lead to rapid changes in travel advice resulting in premature return. The corona virus is not yet under control in the Netherlands and many other countries. You can find the most up-to-date information on Only travel to countries with green or yellow travel advice. Students (internships, research, apprenticeships, fieldwork etc.) and researchers who still want to travel abroad when code orange is indicated must consult their study supervisor or manager. Possible costs for cancellation or early return due to a new outbreak will not be reimbursed from central funds.

    For exchange programmes for the 1st semester 2021-2022, the previously communicated guidelines remain valid. Students have been informed directly by the International Office. For questions:

    Staff can contact their supervisor for advice and students can contact the International Office.

  • Ventilation in the buildings

    The page Corona - Frequently Asked Questions discusses this in detail. See the page frequently asked questions.

  • GGD information for students

    The GGD has set up a website with information about the coronavirus for students. We advise students to visit this page. They also pay special attention to how to deal with tests and a coronavirus infection in a student house.

  • Practicalities for international students

    For international students, please check also this specific FAQ about practical matters, contact for support in visa, health and well-being.

  • Virtual Campus Tour

    Please visit our Virtual Campus Tour to experience our campus and the life of an international student at VU Amsterdam.

Contact point

  • Students

    Student desk
    If you have questions about registration and deregistration, tuition fees, registering for education, requesting a list of grades and authenticating a diploma, please first check if your question is answered in the FAQ's. If your question is not answered, you can contact the Student Desk. Answers to frequently asked questions about transition, registration and admission can also be found on this webpage.

    Student | +31 (0)20 598 5020 
    - Accessible by mail: Monday till Friday from 10:30 - 17:00. 
    - Accessible by telephone: Monday till Friday from 10:30 - 12.30 and 14:00 - 16:00.
    - Accessibility desk: the physical desk at VU Amsterdam is closed until further notice. As soon as the corona measures allow it, the desk will be reopened. We will inform you about this on this page.

    International Service Desk:
    You can find the contact information for your programme here.
    As soon as the coronation measures at VU Amsterdam allow it, the desk will be reopened.

    Study progress
    Are you worried about your study progress? Do you have questions about the effect this period may have on your studies? Or do you have other questions that you cannot answer yourself? Our study advisors can be reached by phone or email. You can find the information for your study programme on the VUweb programme page.

    Student wellbeing
    We are aware that these times can also cause a lot of confusion and unrest. If you feel the need to talk to someone, our student psychologists are right here for you. You can best reach them via or via VUweb. Check this platform for an overview of the support offered by VU Amsterdam.

  • International travel students

    International Support Services
    Find the contact information for international students (or students going abroad) and staff here. Information for international students can be found on this webpage of the International Office.