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Selected publications

Learn more about the research from our network

Members of the network of Amsterdam Sustainability Institute work on the following topics.


  • 2020

    1. De Boeck, H.J., Bloor, J.M.G., Aerts, R., Bahn, M., Beier, C., Emmett, B.A., ... Knapp, A.K. (2020). Understanding ecosystems of the future will require more than realistic climate change experiments – A response to Korell et al. Global Change Biology, 26(2), e6-e7.
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    5. Groot, S.P.T. & de Groot, H.L.F. (2020). Estimating the Skill Bias in Agglomeration Externalities and Social Returns to Education: Evidence from Dutch Matched Worker-Firm Micro-Data. Economist (Netherlands), 168(1), 53–78.
    6. Heslin, A., Puma, M.J., Marchand, P., Carr, J.A., Dell'Angelo, J., D'Odorico, P., Gephart, J.A., Kummu, M., Porkka, M., Rulli, M.C., Seekell, D.A., Suweis, S., and Tavoni, A. (2020). Simulating the Cascading Effects of an Extreme Agricultural Production Shock: Global Implications of a Contemporary US Dust Bowl. Event. Front. Sustain. Food Syst. 4,26.
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  • 2019

    1. Brandsma, S.H., Brits, M., Groenewoud, Q.R., vanVelzen, M.J.M., Leonards, P.E.G. & de Boer, J. (2019). Chlorinated Paraffins in Car Tires Recycled to Rubber Granulates and Playground Tiles. Environmental Science and Technology, 53(13), 7595–7603.
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    6. Houessou, D.M., Sonneveld, B.G.J.S., Aoudji, A.K.N., Thoto, F.S., Dossou, S.A.R., Snelder, D.J.R.M., ... de Cock Buning, T. (2019). How to transition from cooperations to cooperatives: A case study of the factors impacting the organization of urban gardeners in Benin. Sustainability (Switzerland), 11(17), 1–25. [4528].
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    11. Zwart, N., Jonker, W., Broek, R.T., de Boer, J., Somsen, G., Kool, J., ..., Lamoree, M.H. (2020). Identification of mutagenic and endocrine disrupting compounds in surface water and wastewater treatment plant effluents using high-resolution effect-directed analysis. Water Research, 168, 1–9. [115204].
  • 2018

    1. van Dam,  P.J.E.M. & Pieters, H. (2018). Enlighted ideas in commemoration books of the 1825 Zuiderzee flood in de Netherlands. In Brandon, P. , Go, S. & Verstegen, W.  (eds.), Navigating History: economy, society, knowledge and nature (pp. 275–297). Leiden: Brill.