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Amsterdam Centre for Religion and Sustainable Development

Over the last few years the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become the umbrella to address the challenges of our times, for example climate change, poverty, inequality, health, and migration.

In many of these challenges, religion (including spiritual and secular worldviews) plays, or can play, a significant role. However, the specific contributions of religion, both in perpetuating certain problems and in overcoming them, are often less clear.

The Amsterdam Centre for Religion and Sustainable Development (ACRSD) focuses on the interaction between religion (including secular worldviews) and sustainable development. Focus areas include:

  • religion and climate change
  • religion and (mental) health
  • religion and gender
  • religion and migration

The centre seeks a dynamic interaction between scientific disciplines and societal partners on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) through a range of activities. It has an extensive and relevant national and international network. For instance it is part of the Department of Beliefs and Practices at the Faculty of Religion and Theology. In 2018 this faculty ranked number 5 in the world by the QS World University Rankings.

Furthermore, ACRSD participates in the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI) and cooperates with Environmental Humanities Center (both VU Amsterdam).

ACRSD receives funding, amongst others, from the VUvereniging.

Upcoming round tables

ACRSD organises Round Tables on Religion and Sustainable Development. 

Upcoming events include:

  • Religion and Loneliness (October 2021) 
  • Religion and Water (November 2021)
  • Religion and Hope for Youth (fall 2021) 

  • Religion and Religious Migrant Communities (forthcoming)


For more information, please contact the coordinator of ACRSD:

Jan Jorrit Hasselaar