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Accounting Education

The Department takes responsibility for instruction in book-keeping, financial arithmetic and law; and also offers some practical working groups for students during different stages of the Business Economics course.

Please look on Canvas or in the study guide.

Educational links

Please go to Canvas. The coordinator, and therefore the first person to contact is Paul Claes. You can offer him your proposal for the subject you intend to research for your academic degree.

Professional courses
For information on professional courses after the degree look at:
AccountancyContollersopleidingVerandermanagement, Controllers Publieke sector en non-profit organisaties. You can also opt for the American CMA course at VU Amsterdam.

International students
International students who are looking for information on studying Accounting subject or Business Law subjects should return to Master's Programmes. They can also contact the international office for information by sending an e-mail to


The Department of Accounting - Law wishes to attent you on the sites on business economic definitions and on business economic models.

More about

  • Introduction Accounting

    The department of Accounting provides teaching on the branches Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management Accounting and Control. Courses are given on several levels, from the basics to advanced courses for Thesis- and Masters students.


    Changes in the legal environment are a major source of new 'strategic windows'. Studying business law enables students to understand the national and international sources of new acts and rules thus enabling them to provide input into strategy development processes. At operational level the law provides a toolbox of opportunities ranging from employment contracts to mergers, to support the succesful implementation of strategies. Knowledge of the legal opportunities and pittfalls is essential for managers.
    The Section Business Law provides with courses for the following branches: Economics, Business Administration and postgraduate programmes.
    The Section Business Law consists of: J.-B. Huizink (room 6A-42, telephone 020 598 6032)
    Mr. N.A. Jansen MBA
    Mr. P. Vertin
    Mr. P.A. Ledeboer
    Mr. J.E. Brink- van der Meer

    Mailboxes are at the secretariat Accounting / Business Law in room 6A-42
    (Phone 020 598 6040; mail to

  • Programmes

    A survey of the programmes of the Department of Accounting & the subdepartment of Financial Law can be found at the lecture guides of SBE and the university ( At these sites you can get an description of the subject. If you want information on the training course you can download the various training schools the faculty provides.

    Accounting / Financial Law provides lectures of the following classes:
    Ba Economics; Ba Business Administration; Premaster* & Master in Accounting and Control.
    * Premasters are provided for the students coming form the HBO (professional scholing)

    Because of the different type of programmes going on during this transition period, take notice that the choosen lecture can be / has to be attended by your class. If in doubt, you can contact the Lecturer.

    Most programmes are also lectured in international classes, take a look on the several time-tables to find out with course will be organized during the years' course, or contact our international liaisons office (

    For specific information on the lectures, SBE students can also take a look at their pages at Canvas:

  • Thesis

    Please look for detailed information on our blackboardsite.

     Foreign students that are interested in writing their thesis on a subject within the area of Accounting or Financial Law should contact:

    Drs. H.G. van Hengel


    Phone +31- (0)20- 59 87244

    Room 6A-30 of the Main Building

  • Training

    Please look for detailed information on our blackboardsite.

    Foreign students that are interested in a training in Accounting can contact:

    Phone +31 - (0)20 - 59 86076

    Room 6A-38 of the Main Building

  • Career Prospects

    Generally, Accounting provides good prospects for finding a job within the field of your study.

    There are also several post-graduate courses in Accounting, most of which are provided within the university. For more information you can look on the PGS-website.

    Various other fields also offer postacademic education.

    For more information about training for registeraccountant or controller you also can look at the website of professional organizations as the NIVRA and the Controllers Instituut which is a coöperation of the VRC and the FINAS (NIVRA).

    If you are interested in a career as researcher in the field of Accounting, you will find information on the sites of the NWO (Netherlands Organization of the Sciences) het Tinbergen Instituut, het Limperg Instituut or you can look on the Faculties' sites Research Programmes or PhD. For the position as student and employee when applying for a place as researcher send an e-mail to our academic advisors: