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Organisational Theory

The Organisational Theory group broadly addresses the processes in which individuals, and groups, and corporate structures interact and how these processes influence and are influenced by their contexts.

In particular, we focus on organisational transformation from multiple perspectives and using a multi-disciplinary approach. First, we study idealtypes of organizational transformation: ideas (e.g., agile, sustainability, new organisational forms) that have the potential to transform organisations. Second, we research transformers of organisations: actors inside and outside organizations that hold the ability to transform both ideas and organisations (e.g., consultants, gurus, managers, professional service firms). Third, we explore conditions for (e.g.,  communication, identity construction, emotions) and effects of organisational transformation, including 'unintended' implications (e.g., exclusion, paradoxes of organising). 

Informed by state-of-the-art research, our team provides courses in the Bachelor Business Administration (“Bedrijfskunde”) and the Bachelor International Business Administration, with courses on Organizational Theory and Management Consulting. We also run a Management Consulting specialisation as part of the 1-year fulltime Master in Business Administration.

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Organisational Theory

Organisational Theory

Prof. dr. ir. Elco van Burg

Professor of Organisational Theory at the School of Business and Economics

Elco van Burg

Prof. dr. Ard-Pieter de Man

Full Professor

SBE_M&O staff picture Ard-Pieter de Man

Dr. Onno Bouwmeester

Associate Professor in Management and Consulting, Director VU Center for Consulting and Professional Service Firms

SBE_M&O staff picture Onno Bouwmeester

Dr. Stefan Heusinkveld

Associate Professor

SBE_M&O staff picture Stefan Heusinkveld

Dr. Jost Sieweke

Associate Professor , Programme director of the Executive MBA Leading with Purpose at VU Amsterdam

Jost Sieweke

Dr. Koen van Bommel

Assitant Professor of Organization Theory & Corporate Sustainability

SBE_M&O staff picture Koen van Bommel

Dr. Marlieke van Grinsven

Assistant Professor

SBE_M&O staff picture Marlieke van Grinsven

Dr. Janina Klein

Assistant Professor of Organizational Change

SBE_M&O staff picture Janina Klein 2

Dr. Anna Plotnikova

Assistant Professor of Strategic Change

SBE_M&O staff picture Anna Plotnikova

Dr. Rebecca Ruehle

Assistant Professor of Business Ethics

SBE_M&O staff picture Rebecca Ruehle

Drs. ir. Oskar Bronsgeest

Lecturer, PhD candidate

SBE_M&O staff picture Oskar Bronsgeest

Drs. Hugo van Marlen


SBE_M&O staff picture Hugo van Marlen