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Antiquity cluster staff

Staff members Antiquity of the department of Arts and Culture, History, Antiquities of the Faculty of Humanities.

Degree programmes of the Antiquity cluster are taught within the framework of ACASA, a joint programme with the University of Amsterdam.

The secretariat of the Faculty of Humanities can be reached by e-mail: The secretariat is located in room HG 12A-57, phone number 020 5982683.

Antiquity cluster staff

An overview of the staff of the Antiquity cluster.

dr. Joris Aarts

Assistant Professor, Archaeology, Archaeology of Roman Batavia

Joris Aarts

dr. mr. Rutger Allan

Associate Professor of Ancient Greek language and literature, Linguistics, discourse analysis, narratology

Rutger Allan

Bert Brouwenstijn

Cartographer/archaeological Illustrator/3D specialist, Archaeology

Bert Brouwenstijn

prof. dr. Jan Paul Crielaard

Professor of Mediterranean Pre- and Protohistorical Archaeology, Greek prehistory and the Archaic period; exchanges and migration in the Mediterranean Antiquity

Jan Paul Crielaard

dr. Ton Derks

Associate professor of archaeology, Roman Gaul, epigraphy

Ton Derks

Teun van Dijk

PhD student, Hagiography, early Christian language and literature, Classical philosophy

Teun van Dijk

dr. Fokke Gerritsen

Assistant professor of archaeology, Archaeology of Anatolia and the Near East & Early Farming Societies

Fokke Gerritsen

prof. dr. Bas ter Haar Romeny

Professor of Ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern History, Semitic languages in late Antiquity, Syriac Christianity, history of the Bible

Bas ter Haar Romeny

dr. Stijn Heeren

Assistant professor, Archaeology, Material culture, late Roman and early Medieval Northwestern Europe

Stijn Heeren

drs. Anne van Hilst

Fieldwork coordinator, Archaeology

drs. Anne van Hilst

Hanna Hoogenraad

PhD student, Syriac Christianity, Biblical interpretation

Hanna Hoogenraad

dr. Sjoerd Kluiving

Associate Professor Archaeology, Anthropocene, geological methods in archaeology

Sjoerd Kluiving

dr. Mieke Koenen

Assistant Professor Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures

drs. Cindy Meijer

PhD candidate, History, Antiquity, Arts & Culture

dr. Emilie van Opstall

Assistant Professor Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures, Ancient Greek literature and culture

Emilie van Opstall

dr. Mieke Prent

Assistant Professor, Archaeology, Greek archaeology, archaeology of cult, Laconia and Crete

Mieke Prent

dr. Klazina Staat

Assistant professor of Latin language and literature and Roman cultural history, Postclassical Latin, hagiography, travel literature

Klazina Staat

dr. Shiyanthi Thavapalan

Assistant Professor, ancient history, Ancient Mesopotamia, history of technology, material culture

Shiyanthi Thavapalan

dr. Philip Verhagen

Assistant Professor Archaeology, Spatial analysis and modelling in landscape archaeology

Philip Verhagen

dr. Nienke Vos

Assistant Professor Early Christian Greek and Latin, Early Christian language and literature, hagiography, discourse linguistics

Nienke Vos

dr. Shana Zaia

Assistant Professor of Ancient History, Ancient Mediterranean intercultural contact; Mesopotamian Empires; religion; education

dr. Shana Zaia