The VU Identity: personal, open, and responsible

Of old, universities have had the ambition to educate the young people who will govern and steer tomorrow’s society. At VU Amsterdam we aspire to upholding this tradition. Our objective is and will always be to nurture talent to maturity, and to educate individuals to become conscientious academics who are committed to ever explore and manage to push back boundaries.

Our Vision for Education is linked to our university’s culture, a culture which is characterised by three core values as worded in the Strategic Plan 2011-2015: personal, open, and responsible.

The core value personal is given shape in the dialogue between lecturer and student, where the identities of both the lecturer and the student matter. In education this personal emphasis can be provided for in various ways: through personal coaching during the graduation phase, but also during small-scale educational forms such as tutorials and practicals.

The academic community of VU Amsterdam is characterised by a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, philosophies of life, political convictions, learning styles, and life styles. The strength of this variety lies in the fact that it is not allowed to remain latent and unaddressed. Rather, it is explicitly challenged both in education and in extracurricular academic life. In this way our core value open is given its specific interpretation.

At VU Amsterdam we aspire to educating our students to take on responsibilities in our pluriform society. These responsibilities refer not only to successfully completing one’s studies and an adequate preparation for professional practice, but equally to delivering a meaningful contribution to the academic community and society at large of which our university is a part. In this way, our core value responsibility comes into its own.