Internationalisation, national position, and regional embedding

Increasingly, higher education in the Netherlands educates students for positions on the international labour market. For this reason we devote much attention to internationalisation at VU Amsterdam. The possibility exists of studying abroad at a non-Dutch university for one semester during the bachelor’s phase. Even though this is a good investment, it is in fact insufficient for a thorough preparation for a position in an international working environment. At VU Amsterdam, therefore, we strive for further internationalisation of our study programmes; firstly during the master’s programmes, and where possible and realistic, also during the bachelor’s programmes.

Through focused internationalisation at home we are creating an international ambiance in the lecture halls and on campus in order to approach as closely as possible the future working environment of many graduates. Teaching and learning in English is important in this respect. At the moment, most of our master’s programmes are taught in English.

Through its internationalisation policy our university, as a knowledge institute, is making an important contribution to further developing the Amsterdam region into becoming an economic centre with a European presence. This is strengthened by the close cooperation between the two Amsterdam universities. Jointly, VU Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam (UvA) offer the region and the international business community in Amsterdam a much better proposition than singly.

Practically all our teaching and learning facilities as well as our research activities are concentrated on a compact campus. This provides excellent opportunities for students to enrich their curriculum with components from other disciplines, amongst others, by doing university-wide minors. Moreover, our university campus contributes towards intensifying contact between students, and contact between students and staff.