Management Information on Performance Delivered

Insight into results is gained by periodically measuring to what extent objectives are achieved. Within a programme, the Programme Committee and the Examination Committee draft a report for each study programme annually. In its annual report the Programme Committee includes the results of the educational assessments and the recommendations made to the Programme Director, while the Examination Committee provides, amongst others, a retrospective on the quality of assessment. At the same time as the reports of the Programme Committee and the Examinations Committee are drafted, the Programme Director drafts a combined programme annual report and programme plan.

The programme annual report is due in November and reviews the previous academic year. Attention is devoted to the results concerning education policy, students, lecturers, assessment of courses and study programmes, quality of tests, accreditations, and facilities. Subsequently, the Programme Director discusses the programme annual report with the holder of the Faculty’s portfolio for teaching and learning and/or the Dean.

At the level of the Faculties account is rendered by means of a faculty report on teaching and learning. To this end the Faculties use the programme annual reports as their input and they are discussed by the Dean with the Rector during the annual portfolio holders consultations.

For the different annual reports the management information supplied by Mijn Informatie VU (MIVU) [my VU information] is used. MIVU has developed an information system that extracts different kinds of information from different sources, including, for instance, the student and staff information system. Not only internal information is disclosed by MIVU. For instance, the 1cijferHO file, the scores on student satisfaction as measured by the Nationale Studenten Enquête (NSE) [national student questionnaire], and the outcomes of the WO-Monitor (wetenschappelijk onderwijs) [university education monitor], are accessible through MIVU. This information is subsequently made available to members of staff in the form of standard reports. These MIVU reports can be itemised at all desirable levels such that insight may be obtained of the programme, the Faculty, or the Institution as a whole. The data base can also supply answers to specific queries.