Assessment of Courses and Study Programmes

At VU University we deploy various forms of assessment. The first concerns subject assessments. In the subject assessment aspects such as the teaching qualifications of the lecturer, the quality of the teaching material, aspects concerning the contents of the course or programme, the quality of the examination, study load, and teaching method are considered. At present, subject assessments are administered both in writing and digitally, depending on the number of participants on a course. Both in case of digital and paper assessments, the results of the assessments are fed back to the students registered for that course. During feedback lecturers have the possibility to include their reaction on the outcomes of the assessment.

Apart from the subject assessments, an entire academic year or an entire bachelor’s or master’s degree programme, i.e. a curriculum, can be assessed. Such curriculum assessments provide insight into the opinion of students about cohesion, structure, level, tutoring, etc. in the academic year under review or for the entire programme. In many cases, panel interviews are also used for curriculum assessments.

Apart from information on the quality of education, the quality of the examinations administered at an institution can also be assessed. Multiple choice examinations are processed automatically by the examination service of the Department of Onderwijs en Kwaliteitszorg [teaching and learning and quality assurance]. The assessment includes an item analysis and interpretation thereof. The item analysis of an examination provides information about the level of difficulty and the reliability of the examination as a whole as well as of individual items. The information provides insight into the quality of the examination and suggestions for improvement.