VU Amsterdam policy is established on the basis of the Strategic Plan and the Vision for Education and it elaborates how we aspire to achieving our ambitions. At our university policy is developed both centrally and decentralised. Central policy is drafted if, for pragmatic reasons, it is necessary for matters to be done the same way, VU-wide. This applies, for instance, to specific items from the Strategic Plan, if it is desirable from a legal point of view or if it is more efficient if Faculties were to organise matters the same way. After it is adopted, the central policy acts as framework for the Faculties and the Services.

In order for everyone to gain insight quickly into which central frameworks apply, we drafted a Manual for Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning; Quality Manual for short. In the Quality Manual all central policy on education is brought together. It contains chapters on educational organisation, assessment of courses and study programmes, professionalisation of lecturers, and assessment policy. Each chapter briefly describes the objectives of the policy and the division of tasks. This is followed by a summary of the quality requirements Faculties should meet. Each chapter is concluded with a number of recommendations. These are good practices which were collected in the course of time and which are not compulsory but may help to improve quality.

The policy can be subdivided into the following three areas of special interest: