Together, VU University Medical Centre and VU Amsterdam form Stichting [foundation] VU-VUmc. In turn, this foundation is connected to VU Vereniging [association], the traditional guardian of our identity and our social base. A Raad van Toezicht (RvT) [supervisory council] is operational in VU-VUmc. It also acts as RvT for each of the two Institutions. The RvT appoints and dismisses the members of the Executive Board and sees to the formation, implementation, and maintenance of the system of quality assurance. The Strategic Plan, the budget, and the annual accounts of the university require the approval of the RvT. The RvT has an Audit and Accommodation Committee, and a Quality Committee. Members serve on the RvT for at most two four-year terms. For their first term they are appointed by the Members’ Council of VU Vereniging. Re-appointment is done by the RvT itself after a binding recommendation of the Members’ Council.

Our university is managed by an Executive Board consisting of three members: the Chair, the Rector, and one member. Education and the exercise of scholarly and scientific activities take place in the Faculties. The Executive Board decides on the main lines of policy after consultation with the Deans and the Department Directors. The Executive Board and Deans are advised by a number of fixed bodies. At all levels of the university intensive administrative consultation takes place during which representatives of teaching and learning, research, and operations meet in various bodies.

Participation in decision-making is organised in such a way that each administrative layer of the university has its own form of participation. The Universitaire Studentenraad (USR) [university student council] and the Ondernemingsraad (OR) [employees council] discuss university-wide matters with the Executive Board. The USR busies itself particularly with the quality and accessibility of education and the student policy of the university. In accordance to the Dutch Works Councils Act, the purpose of the works council is ’practicing participation decision-making in the interest of the proper functioning of the university in all its objectives’. Together, the OR with the USR forms the Gezamenlijke Vergadering [joint assembly]. The Gezamenlijke Overlegvergadering (GVO) [joint consultative assembly] consults with the Executive Board.