Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning

Onderwijskwaliteit [headerafbeelding]

Quality is delivered through performance and improvement. This is the basic assumption of the system of quality assurance of teaching and learning in place at VU Amsterdam. Performance is achieved by complying with the performance criteria derived from the Vision for Education and the Education Policy. Improvement is achieved by continuously working towards improving the quality of teaching and learning throughout the organisation, while the performance criteria function as the touchstone of good quality. Our Education Policy is set out in the Manual for Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning, the Quality Manual for short. Improvements are monitored during the planning and control cycle.


The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam view on the quality of education is elaborated in our Strategic Plan and in our Vision for Education. The Strategic Plan describes what we aspire to achieving in the next four years. Our view on education is described in the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s Educational Vision.

Improvement Policy

Insight into results provides information about the extent to which the objectives, as formulated in the View and the Plan, are achieved. Subsequently, it is important to determine whether the insights are followed up and how they lead to actual improvements.


VU University policy is established on the basis of the Strategic Plan and the Vision for Education and it elaborates how we aspire to achieving our ambitions.


The organisational and decision-making structures are set out in the operational model of VU University. It points out how the tasks, responsibilities, and authorities are divided, how decisions are made, and how we aim at achieving our objectives.


The objectives follow from the View on Education as does the policy on how the objectives are to be realised. Through insight into the results we know whether our objectives are achieved.