Manual for Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning

The Manual for Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning lists the rules, guidelines and recommendations which VU Amsterdam uses to monitor and improve the quality of its educational activities. The manual provides information about such matters as mentoring and guidance, assessment, the grading of examinations and the organization of the courses. The guidelines have been produced by the Executive Board for the benefit of the various faculties. Students are unable to derive any rights, legal or otherwise, from the contents of the manual.

  • H.0 Introduction
  • H.1 Governance
  • H.2 Internationalising education
  • H.3 Assessment of courses and study programmes
  • H.4 Curriculum
  • H.5 Quality assurance
  • H.6 Honours programme
  • H.7 Work placements and theses
  • H.8 Staff policy
  • H.9 Student counselling and supervision
  • H.10 Studying with a functional limitation
  • H.11 Assessment policy

For more information on the manual, please contact Jikke Bekker.

Jikke Bekker
T +31 (0)20 59 83231