Procurement and social return

During the process of purchasing goods, work or services, careful consideration is always given to the economic, social and environmental aspects. In the case of tenders, the negative effects on the environment and social aspects are automatically taken into consideration in accordance with the rules of PIANOo, the expertise centre for public procurement at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. In our procurement we follow the actual product groups from May 2017. For VU Amsterdam, the minimum requirements are limited to the lower limit. We are already buying almost 100% sustainable, but where possible are setting the bar higher, on more ambition. If possible, internal stakeholders (students and employees) are involved in formulating tender requirements and in awarding the tender.

VU Amsterdam’s online shop also limits the range of items that faculties and service departments can order. Every product must meet minimum sustainability levels and must be produced in countries that respect fundamental human rights.

In 2011, we were declared the first Fairtrade University in the Netherlands; it places much value on offering a sustainable range of catering options. The steering group of the ‘Fairtrade Gemeente’ campaign found that VU Amsterdam met the organization’s strict campaign criteria.