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Sustainability, climate change, water scarcity and other crucial issues relating to the survival of people, animals and ecosystems on Earth: this is the focus of Science for Sustainability, one of VU Amsterdam’s core themes. The theme is closely linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). VU Amsterdam researchers are working hard on solutions that will bring us closer to achieving these goals, and the knowledge arising from their research is being passed on to students in the various degree programmes. Students who would like to make sustainability a part of their studies at VU Amsterdam can choose from 10 Bachelor’s programmes, 9 minors and 19 Master’s programmes. Look for the sustainability education options that best suit your study wishes.

In our new recruitment campaign, ‘Change your world, study at VU Amsterdam’, launched in 2018, we call upon prospective students to think about sustainability issues.


Within the Science for Sustainability research theme, we connect fundamental scientific knowledge with knowledge about implementing changes in society. We study aspects of climate change, energy generation and the management and responsible use of water and increasingly scarce energy sources. We are also expanding our understanding of the ways in which we can bring about necessary changes in human behaviour and society at large that will help to create a sustainable world.

Around fifty research groups at VU Amsterdam are currently working on studies that centre around sustainability. Green Office has compiled an inventory of sustainability topics in VU research.

Inventory of Research on Sustainability at VU >