Research-based activities play an important role. Scientists from different departments and institutes bring different forms of expertise to the field of diversity. It is our intention to evaluate diversity policy partly by evaluating the implementation of activities, and partly through scientific research, which may be linked to graduation projects and doctoral research in the faculties and departments involved. The academic staff members currently involved in Diversity Research are:

Research chairs in diversity:
Maurice Crul
Halleh Ghorashi
Karen van Oudenhoven - van der Zee
Trees Pels

Academic staff members involved in the research partnerships with UCLA and South Africa:
(Maurice Crul, Halleh Ghorashi, Trees Pels)
Ina ter Avest
Frans Kamsteeg
Ida Sabelis
Gusta Tavecchio
Harry Wels
Ismintha Waldring
Carolin Ossenkop

Academic staff members involved in diversity projects:
Judith Gerritsen
Petra Verdonk
Hester Radstake
Siema Ramdas
Doret de Ruyter

Other researchers related to diversity:
Ruben Gowrichan
Brian Doornenbal
Ab Flipse
Manuela Kalsky       
Dienke Hondius       
Jantine van Lisdonk
Willie van der Merwe
Jacomijne Prins
Sylvia van der Raad  
Sawitri Saharso
Ida Stamhuis
Claartje Vinkenburg
Annewieke Vroom
Demet Yazilitas