Our diversity policy

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam aspires to educate graduates who are able to contribute to society in a professional and responsible manner. In a world that is becoming more culturally diverse, it is important that our graduates are able to address a diverse spectrum of cultural perspectives in their future careers and deal effectively with those with different cultural backgrounds.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam aims to become a community that can serve as a model for a society more generally, in which differences are valued, utilized and approached with confidence. This constitutes the basis for social stability and innovation. We aspire to inclusive excellence: an inclusive learning and working environment, in which difference serves as a stimulus for creativity and the development of talent.


The VU strives to educate academics who contribute to society with a scientific attitude in a professional and responsible way.


We strive to continually evaluate our diversity policy. Scientific research plays an important role in that process. We will link this research to graduation projects and doctoral research in the involved faculties.


The VU wants to collaborate with other organizations in the area of diversity policy. The VU has collaborations with UCLA and different universities in South Africa.


The organization includes Chief Diversity Officer Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee, Coordinator Diversity Wim Haan, student assistants, other staff members, and X-team Diversity.

News and blog

At this page the VU Diversity blog can be found. Furthermore, there will be news items about developments in the area of diversity.