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A follow-up meeting of the Meet & Match of 30 January will take place in March, 2018. Date & more information will be announced.


Friday October 20th, Dies Natalis of the University [exact program will be announced].

The celebration of VU Amsterdam’s 137th Dies Natalis will revolve around Science for Sustainibility. In order to connect science with society it is important that science will take the form of Living Labs and Community Service Learning. What we know about sustainability, as well as what we know about health, remains unused in many ways. Living Labs and Community Service Learning can be ways in which to bridge the gap between knowledge about sustainability and societal issues. We invite Robert G. Bringle to deliver a presentation during this year’s Dies-celebration on Community Service Learning in the light of Science for Sustainability.

Further information will be announced via the general calendar-page of the VU.

Tuesday October 24rd, CSL Conference/Expert Seminar

Dinsdag 24 oktober 2017 Conferentie/expertseminar Community Service Learning

“Implementing Community Service Learning in the Dutch and European context”

Higher Education Community Engagement has a long and productive history. In The Netherlands and indeed throughout Europe, many initiatives have been taken to start implementing Community Service Learning programmes. Some of those, like the Uniaktiv-initiative in Duisburg-Essen and the Service Learning program of the University of Galway have already built up extensive experience in implementing and sustaining Community Service Learning programmes.

As a part of the Fulbright Expert activities of professor Robert G. Bringle at the Vrije Universiteit (from September 18 – October 25), a conference/expert-meeting is organized on Tuesday October 24th, in which we will explore the international context of Community Service Learning with partners of the Aurora Network and with representatives of the Europe Engage Project.

In this seminar, we start from the notion that CSL can bring far-reaching benefits for students, faculty and community partners. VU President Jaap Winter will shed light on why the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam decided to engage in the creation of “Gross Academic Value” as well as out-of-classroom experiences. During the seminar, we aim to take you through the most recent developments in CSL at VU as well as international developments and international cooperation practices in the field of CSL. Whilst discussing these developments, the very nature of CSL activities and the anchoring of CSL in education will be examined. An additional element of this seminar will be how to conduct good research on the impact of Community Service Learning. Throughout the seminar professor Robert G. Bringle will share his experiences on his six weeks’ stay at VU University and will share his expertise on the aforementioned themes.


09.00     Opening by prof.dr. René Bekkers, Professor Social Aspects of Prosocial Behavior, Center for Philanthropic Studies, VU Amsterdam and Chairman of the Steering Group of the CSL-project of the VU

09.10     “Gross Academic Value and Community Service Learning at the Vrije Universiteit”, by Jaap Winter, President of the Vrije Universiteit, Professor in Corporate Governance in the Netherlands and in Europe.

09.30     “Challenges for implementing and sustaining Community Service Learning at the Vrije Universiteit”, by prof.dr. Robert G. Bringle, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Philanthropic Studies and Senior Scholar, IUPUI Center for Service and Learning, in an interactive interview with René Bekkers. Robert G. Bringle will look back at the six weeks spent at the VU University. What does he diagnose as opportunities and pitfalls of the university when it comes to implementing CSL?

10.00     Coffee/tea break

10.30    "The International Law Clinic & the Public International Law & Policy Group", by dr. Marieke de Hoon, Director Netherlands Office and Senior Counsel at Public International Law & Policy Group

11.00     “Transdisciplinary approaches for joint reflection and action on innovation processes among a wide variety of stakeholders”, by prof.dr. Jacqueline Broerse, Professor of innovation and communication in the Health and Life Sciences and director of the Athena Institute, Jacqueline Broerse will shed light on examples of CSL activities: what is the nature of these activities and who are involved?

11.20     “A Broader Mind" Project and longitudinal research into the impact of Community Service Learning”, by prof.dr. Paul van Lange, Chair in Social Interaction and Interdependence, Faculty Behavioural and Movement Sciences

11.50     Panel discussion (Bringle, Broerse, Van Lange, Bekkers)

12.30    Lunch break

13.30     “International examples of Science Shops, taken from the H2020 ‘Inspires’ Research Programme”, by prof.dr. Marjolein Zweekhorst, Professor of Innovation and Education in the Health and Life Sciences

14.00    “CSL-programs in Malaysia and Ghana, what can we learn from their experiences, by prof.dr. Hans Akkermans, founding Director of the VU Network Institute.

14.20     "Different contexts, different Community Service Learning", by prof.dr. Lucas Meijs, professor of Strategic Philanthropy and Volunteering at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM)

14.40    “Aspects of Internationalization of Community Service Learning”, by prof.dr. Robert G. Bringle

15.10     Coffee/tea break

15.30     “International perspectives of the Aurora Network and other international research consortia”, by prof.dr. Wolfgang Stark, Professor für Organisationspsychologie und Organisationsentwicklung an der Universität Duisburg-Essen (Europe Engage)

15.45     "A Belgium perspective: Service Learning at the KU Leuven", Maaike Mottart, Coördinator Community Service Learning KU Leuven.

16.00     Panel discussion (Bringle, Meijs, Stark, Mottart, Zweekhorst, Akkermans)

16.45     Closing words by René Bekkers

16.50     Drinks and appetizers

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