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The regular sign up period for A Broader Mind has ended, but it's still possible to sign up on 28 and 29 January using VUnet.
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course design

The course is alternately online and offline. You do not attend lectures by teachers, but you learn online on Canvas when it suits you. You watch videos, make quizzes and submit assignments online.
In addition, you are divided into a group, and you come together during offline meetups (one per theme). Every two weeks you come together to discuss difficult issues, to play an interactive game, or to be challenging about a theme in another way. After completing the assignments and attending the meetup, continue with the following theme.

How to sign up

1.       Log into your VUnet account
2.       Go to ‘Course registration’
3.       Click on ‘plan course’ underneath P4 (February/March)
4.       Click on the tab ‘All courses’
5.       Click on ‘search in extracurricular courses’
6.       Search for ‘A Broader Mind’
7.       Select the track you would like to follow
            Track A consists of the themes Succes & Failure, Poverty, Human Body and Rebellion;
            Track B consists of the themes Viewspoints & Worldview, Health & Happiness, Digital World and Sustanability
and sign up.

Then choose whether you would like to be part of a group with offline meetups on Tuesday or Wednesday evening (18/19 Feb., 25/26 Feb., 3/4 Mar., 7/8 Apr., 28/29 Apr., 12/13 May). The offline meetups will take place from 6 till 7:45 pm.

Do you have questions about signing up send an email to