Web lectures FAQs

Problems viewing Web lecturesPossible solutions
Problems with BlackboardGo to VU Amsterdam Blackboard support
Problems with logging on 
Logging on from Blackboard:
Log on screen comes back empty
This problem occurs only with Internet Explorer. Firefox, Chrome en Safari should work fine.

Open the weblecture in new window or tab
- Right-click the weblecture
- Select "Open in new window"
- Log on again

Adjust Internet Explorer Securety (PDF)
Logging on from Blackboard:
Log-on not accepted, error message
Check your username and password.
Logging on from Blackboard still doesn't workWe need more information:
- Text of the error message
- Name and date of the web lecture - Date and time of your last try
- Can you access on a different computer?
- Can you view other web lectures?
Problems with viewing 
Viewing web lectures in Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8IE 11 is an integral part of Windows 8.1. Viewing web lectures in IE 11 only works in Compatibility Mode. See Fix site display problems with Compatibility View (Microsift Windows website).
I get no picture of the instructor  There are two types of web lectures. Digital audio lectures show only the slides with the voice of the instructor. This type of web lecture is used mainly by the Faculty of Law.  
Faltering or interupted viewingConnections are busy (more than 1200 users). Try again later.
Error message:"The media file for this presentation could not be found."This problem occurs only with Internet Explorer.
Firefox should work fine.
Error message:"Unable to play the presentation. The media server may not be available or the media stream format may not be supported. (4001 An error has occurred.)"Suggestions:
- Close all browser windows and try again
- Refresh page (or F5)
Cannot fast forwardFast forward works only with Internet Explorer.
You cannot fast forward the courses September-November 2011.
Doesn't work on a Mac
  • Download the newest version of Flip4Mac  (minimum required) and the newest version of your web browser. You could try the Camino web browser. The Library cannot support this workaround.
  • The Safari browser includes a new feature called Safari Power Saver, which is intended to disable plug-ins in order to conserve battery power. To disable the Power Saver function, enter Safari Preferences, go to the Advanced tab, and uncheck the box to "Stop plug-ins to save power". Reload the webpage containing the Mediasite presentation and it should play properly.  
Doesn't work on a iPad This is not yet possible.
Sound but no imageThere's something wrong with your viewer.
Tip: download a new version (Windows Media Player).