Web lectures

Video lectures and slidecasts 
Video lectures (in the Netherlands called "web lectures") are complete video registrations of lectures put on the internet. You can view them at any given moment. Slidecasts are also on the internet, but they are a more simple combination of podcasts and PowerPoint presentations.

Benefits for students 
The big advantage of (streaming) video lectures is that you can attend class online at a later date. On-campus or from home. Video lectures can help you to improve your academic performance. They are useful in preparing for an exam or when you missed class. 

Where do I find my lecture?
In Blackboard, with the corresponding class.
Some VU Amsterdam lectures can be found in iTunes U.

Access to Blackboard is via VU-net-id.
Access to iTunes U is via iTunes. You'll need to install iTunes on your computer or device.

See the Web lectures FAQ.
Or contact the AVC.