Digital lectures (info for tutors)

VU Amsterdam Library offers help and support to VU Amsterdam tutors who want to make video lectures and slidecasts. 
Video lectures are complete registrations of lectures. Slidecasts are a combination of podcasts and slides, screenshots, PowerPoint presentations, etc. 

Video lecture by Ad Verbrugge
Video lecture by philosopher Ad Verbrugge (November 2011).
With the slides on the right you can navigate through the lecture.

How do I create a video lecture? And how do I put it on the Internet? Can I use other people's (copyrighted) material? 
VU Amsterdam Library will gladly help you with this. See How to make digital lectures.

Students can use video lectures to view lectures again or can attend missed classes. It's also an additional means to study difficult material, or prepare for exams. 
Read more about it on Advantages of digital lectures.


Digital lectures (PDF in Dutch)Slidecasts (PDF in Dutch)

Background info
Read more about the use of digital lectures in education on (in Dutch).