Non-smoking is the norm

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam aims to create a climate where non-smoking is the norm, which is why its campus will be completely smoke free in the course of 2020. This will ensure a more pleasant and healthier work and study environment for students and staff and will help pave the way towards a smoke-free generation. 
Part of the campus, the Zuidas Botanical gardens and the 0|2 Lab and ACTA buildings will join Amsterdam UMC in becoming the first smoke-free zones on 1 October 2019 (see map). 


Social responsibility

The pioneer in the campus’ non-smoking policy will be Amsterdam UMC, which will be completely smoke free as early as 1 October 2019. As a healthcare institution, Amsterdam UMC wishes to lead by example and make clear to all patients, staff and visitors that smoking is a health hazard and therefore does not reflect the values of the hospital. What is more, ACTA, the O|2 Lab Building and the Zuidas Botanical gardens will all be joining Amsterdam UMC in becoming the first smoke-free zones on campus due to their proximity to Amsterdam UMC and due to the fact that ACTA is a healthcare institution as well.

The smoke-free campus policy of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is consistent with its commitment to society and the responsibility it feels for its students and the community. It also addresses the university’s profile theme ‘Human Health & Life Sciences’ and ties in with the ‘three Ps’ of sustainable development, namely People, Planet & Prosperity. In fact, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam just recently signed the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which include the goal ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages’.

Stop smoking?

If you are a smoker and think this would be a good opportunity to give up, you can join the ‘stop smoking’ training sessions offered at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam from February 2020 onwards. Please keep an eye on this web page for more information.