Transitorium was renovated in 2018. The current users are the department of HRM Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment, Finance, IT and as of April 2019 Corporate Real Estate and Facilities. The capacity that the Transitorium provides is essential to accommodating the university’s needs for the next 10 to 15 years.

By renovating the Transitorium, VU Amsterdam created an attractive working environment with a limited level of investment to provide a broader range of workspace types and to facilitate meeting and collaboration. Modifications were only carried out if there was reason to do so or if a shift in emphasis was required.

The rooms in the basement of the Transitorium will continue to be used for the purposes of teaching and research until at least 2020, and will therefore not be included in the 2018/2019 renovation. After 2020, the basement will be fully or partially vacated and made available to new users.

The construction of the Transitorium began in 1967. The building’s name is symbolic: it was envisioned as a house of transition. Originally it was intended to accommodate the social sciences, but eventually 70% came to be occupied by the hospital (then called AZVU) and 30% by VU Amsterdam. In 1988, the hospital left the Transitorium and it has been occupied by a range of VU Amsterdam’s faculties and service departments ever since.