Main Building renewal

banner vernieuwing hoofdgebouw

Completion datemid-2015
Architect OTH Architects Op ten Noort Blijdenstein architects and consultants
AddressDe Boelelaan 1105

VU Amsterdam’s Main Building will also undergo major renovation work in the coming years to become the university’s trademark structure. It will be a place where students, scientists and businesses come together to share knowledge and inspiration. It is home to the University Library, several faculties and 7,300 arts and social sciences students. With a hundred conferences, more than three hundred PhD conferrals, inaugurations, the opening of the academic year and the Foundation Day celebrations, the Main Building draws many visitors throughout the year. Events such as the On the Roofff Film Festival, held annually on the building’s roof, also attract a large audience.

As part of the renovation, the Main Building is undergoing a ‘facelift’, giving it an accessible and welcoming entrance, a pleasant lobby, more natural light and improved sightlines. The number of classrooms will be increased and adapted to new forms of learning, and additional work and study areas for students will also be created. The building’s new facilities will offer researchers and lecturers an efficient work environment, facilitating collaboration and exchanges. Better use will be made of the building’s available space. This will create more space to house new partners of VU Amsterdam, such as the Protestant Theological University (PThU), which has been situated on the first floor of the E wing since the summer of 2012.

The Main Building foyer will be much livelier, complete with a range of study and lounge spaces, pleasant LED lighting and greatly improved acoustics. The ground floor will feature additional facilities such as an espresso bar and the VU Café, which can be accessed directly from the De Boelelaan entrance or the Campusplein. These additions will give students, employees and visitors a better range of catering options whilst simultaneously creating a lively atmosphere in the public spaces.


  • The Faculties of Theology en Philosophy are now housed in their new location on the second floor of the E wing.
  • The Faculty of Arts is now housed in their new location on the 11th to 14th floor.
  • Security services have been moved from the foyer to the basement.
  • The Information Centre has undergone a complete metamorphosis, resulting in an open, transparent and flexible service desk.
  • The VU Amsterdam Bookshop’s new entrance, executed in glass, is now more visible due to its relocation to the entrance hall.
  • The ‘StudentenD0k’, the new home of the general student associations and University Student Council, is now located on the Campusplein side of the Main Building.

Under preparation

  • Relocation of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (floors 4 through 11, A tower): two-phase reconstruction until 2015.
  • Relocation of Student and Educational Affairs (including the International Office) on the ground floor of the A and E wings.
  • Changes to the Aula, the auditorium and the seating area and buffet area of the restaurant.
  • New signage.
  • Improved accessibility to higher floors thanks to the construction of a new group of lifts near to the current group of 6.

You can follow the development, news and factoids on twitter: @VU_Hoofdgebouw