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Linguistics (Research)

The Research Master's in Linguistics is a two-year programme which will enable you to develop into a professional researcher. The programme deals with linguistics in its broadest sense. All students take general courses in the field of linguistic research, both on theory and methodology. In addition, you will select an area in which you wish to specialize. During the programme, you will choose four courses from a list of available Master's courses. You will base your choice on your own interests and the specialisation that you wish to pursue. Our areas of expertise include not only phonology and syntax but also subjects such as textual and/or genre analysis, anthropological linguistics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and linguistic engineering. The programme is taught in English.

Linguistic Engineering is a specialisation in the Research Master Linguistics that is worked out in detail. Linguistic Engineering is a young research field that holds a unique position between linguistics and computer science. The programme is offered by the Computational Lexicology and Terminology Lab (CLTL), a leading research group in computational linguistics. Both bachelors in linguistics and bachelors in computer science, AI etc. are encouraged to apply. 

The programme is taught in English.

  • Startdatum: 1 September
  • Vorm: Voltijd
  • Interessegebied: Talen en Communicatie
  • Specialisaties: largely to be decided by student
"The teaching takes place in small groups and active participation is encouraged. The university also offers good study facilities and there is a lively international student community."
- Ruth Little, United Kingdom

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