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Literatures in English

Study the relations between literature and visual culture.

Programme ofLetterkunde / Literary Studies
TitleMA Letterkunde / Literary Studies

The Master’s in Literary Studies, programme Literatures in English at VU University Amsterdam focuses on the relation between literature and visual culture. Rooted in the VU tradition of studying the relations between word and image, this specialized interdisciplinary programme will teach you to analyze the various ways in which textual and visual culture interact. The topics studied from this perspective range from the Renaissance stage to screenwriting, from the relation between poetry and photography to film adaptations of gothic novels.

The courses in this programme are closely linked to the current research of staff members, so that students are involved in cutting-edge developments. You are encouraged to explore your own interests in depth using the tools and theories we provide you with, culminating in your own research project when you write your MA-thesis in the second semester. 

  • Start date: 1 September
  • Study type: Full-time
  • Field of Interest: Language and Communication
  • Admission requirements: English Language and Culture
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